More tutorials for 2016 PEB exams

More tutorials for the 2016 PEB exams have been added to the Tutorials page on the Yellow Sheet blog.  That page also includes instructions for how to sign up for a tutorial.


Remember: in general, you must organise a tutorial (e.g. by asking your supervisor or another UK-qualified colleague to lead a tutorial) in order to be eligible to take part in other tutorials.  However, if it will not be possible for you to organise a tutorial (e.g. because you work in a small firm or department with few or no UK-qualified attorneys, or because your supervisor works in a different office from you), please let the Informals Committee know your circumstances by following the instructions on the Tutorials page.


CIPA Informals Tutorials for 2016 PEB exams

A number of CIPA Informals tutorials for the 2016 PEB exams are available for sign-up.  You can see the tutorials that are currently available and find instructions for how to sign up by visiting  That page also sets out what information to provide when you have organised a tutorial that you would like to make available to others through the CIPA Informals tutorial system.


If you have any questions about the tutorials, please contact Informals Tutorial Coordinator Sophie-Beth Aylett ( or Informals Honorary Secretary Ben Charig (

Tutorials for 2016 PEB exams

Several CIPA Informals tutorials for the 2016 Patent Examination Board exams are now available for sign-up on the Tutorials page of the Yellow Sheet blog.  Instructions for how to sign up are provided on that page.  The currently available tutorials are also listed in the Eventbrite widget on the right-hand side of the Yellow Sheet home page.


If you have not yet organised a tutorial (or volunteered to give a tutorial, if you are a UK-qualified reader!), please email Informals Tutorial Coordinator Sophie-Beth Aylett ( with the following details about your tutorial:


  • Tutor’s name
  • Date and time of tutorial
  • Venue
  • Whether the tutorial is available in person, online and/or by telephone
  • Exam paper covered (e.g. ‘FD4 2015’)
  • Maximum number of tutees who can take part in the tutorial (typically 6)
  • Email address scripts for marking should be sent to (could be the tutor’s address or the address of a tutee)
  • Deadline for returning scripts

Informals EQE tutorials still available for sign-up; recordings of previous years’ EQE lectures online

There are still spaces for some of our February EQE tutorials.  You can see the tutorials we are offering by visiting our Eventbrite page.  Click through to the individual events to see whether there are spaces free and the events are still open for registration.


There are also recordings of previous years’ Informals EQE lectures on the CIPA website.  To access the recordings, you will need to log in to the CIPA website with your member credentials and, on the “Membership” page, click the “Informals” link.  Scroll down the “Informals” page until you reach the bold heading “Lectures”, then click the “Informals Lecture Series” link.  There are currently recordings for the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 lecture series on the CIPA website.  We hope that older recordings will be added in due course, as the new CIPA website is updated and old links are reinstated.


Ben Charig
Informals Hon Sec

Reminder: EQE tutorial sign-up is live!

If you’re going to sit the pre-EQE or one of the main EQE papers in the new year, consider signing up for one or more of the Informals’ 2016 EQE tutorials. You can find out what tutorials are currently on offer by visiting our Eventbrite page. New tutorials have been made available in the last week, and more will be added as more tutors volunteer.

Remember that you must submit your work for a given tutorial by the deadline specified on the corresponding event page. If you do not submit your work on time, the tutor may refuse to let you participate in the tutorial. Because the number of places for each tutorial is limited, please do not sign up for a tutorial unless you know you will be able to meet the specified work hand-in deadline.

If you think someone in your office would make a good tutor, please encourage him or her to give a tutorial or two. He/She can volunteer by contacting our Tutorial Coordinator, Sophie-Beth Aylett ( As well as helping trainee patent attorneys with their exams and staying up-to-date with legal and qualification changes, qualified attorneys can earn CPD hours by tutoring!

Informals Tutorials for EQE 2016

Sign-up is now open for a limited number of Informals EQE tutorials in December!


Each year, the Informals committee organises tutorials for the European qualifying examination (EQE).  The tutorials are led by qualified European patent attorneys who very generously volunteer their time to mark tutees’ attempts at specified papers and to provide feedback and guidance in tutorial sessions.


In response to requests from previous years’ tutees for a broader spread of tutorials, we created a comprehensive timetable for the 2016 EQE tutorial season, with tutorials starting in late November and ending in late February.  Unfortunately, the revamping of the CIPA website has meant that the events booking system we used when organising past tutorials has not been and is still not available.  This has made it more difficult than usual to recruit tutors and to allow tutees to sign up for tutorials.


We hope that CIPA’s events booking system will be available shortly.  In the meantime, the currently-offered tutorials are listed on our Eventbrite page here.  Click on a specific tutorial and then “REGISTER” to sign up.  Each tutorial is limited to a maximum number of tutees, to provide a good learning experience for tutees and to ensure that the tutorial workload is manageable for tutors.  Bearing this in mind, do not sign up for a tutorial unless you can commit to handing in the work by the specified deadline.  The tutor has the right to refuse your participation in the tutorial if you miss the work hand-in deadline.


New tutorials will be added to the Eventbrite page when tutors volunteer to give them, so look again in a few days’ time if there isn’t currently a tutorial that suits your needs.


If there is a qualified European attorney in your office who would make a good tutor, please encourage him or her to volunteer to give an EQE tutorial.  As well as the warm glow he/she will get from doing a Good Thing, he/she will: keep up-to-date with law changes and qualification requirements; rack up CPD hours; and demonstrate his/her dedication to training.

CIPA Informals’ Tutorial System

As you may or may not know, we are currently arranging the CIPA Informals’ tutorials for the 2015 PEB Examinations. The system is officially open for tutors to now register and will soon be open for students to sign up.

You’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve had a steady stream of volunteers come forward offering to give tutorials but we would really like YOU to positively encourage your supervising Partners to also give tutorials. We are looking for tutors for the Advanced and Foundation papers this year. If your supervising Partner is willing to give a tutorial, please email the following information to Sophie-Beth Aylett (

  1. Tutor name and contact email address
  2. Preferred date(s) and time(s)
  3. The specific paper you wish to offer (preferably a more recent paper)
  4. The deadline you wish the tutee to submit work
  5. Whether the tutorial is being offered “in person”, via telecon, via webinar or a combination

Many thanks in advance!

The EQE tutorials

Student members will soon be able to sign-up to the CIPA Informals’ EQE and Pre-Exam tutorials. Watch out for an email from CIPA explaining how the new system works (see also our earlier post here). Students will be able to sign-up for tutorials via the membership section of the CIPA website. When the tutorial system goes live, log-in to the members area and click on “Tutorials” in the left-hand list – you’ll be able to view all the sessions currently available. When you’ve booked onto a tutorial, you will receive an email confirming your booking, and an email will be sent to the tutor to inform them that you’re joining their tutorial.

Please don’t abuse the system! Only sign up for tutorials if you’re actually going to attend them and be able to do the work for them. If you realise you won’t be able to attend, please let your tutor and CIPA know so that your spot can be given to someone else.

If you have any questions, please email me.


(Hon Sec)

Informals’ EQE and Pre-Exam Tutorials

Some of you may be aware that each year, the Informals run a tutorial system for trainees taking UKs/EQEs. We received feedback from trainees saying that the old booking system was a bit unreliable and difficult to use. Thus, the Informals’ Committee and CIPA have worked together to create a new tutorial booking system for those of you preparing for the pre-exam and EQE main exams. The new system should be going live in the next week or so. (Please note, the old system is still accessible on the CIPA website, but is not being used). The EQE tutorial system will run from 10 November 2014 to 9 February 2015.

The Informals’ tutorial system enables tutors and trainees from different Firms (and even different parts of the country) to work together on past papers. Even if you’re a trainee in a large Firm, you could benefit from the expertise from attorneys from other Firms.

There is no fee to participate in the new system, unlike the old system. Instead, this is covered by your CIPA membership fee. Those of you familiar with the old system will know that trainees had to find tutors to sign-up to the system before they could participate in the tutorials themselves. Some trainees found this to be an unnecessary burden, so we’ve removed this requirement. CIPA has already emailed Fellows to ask them to sign-up to offer EQE and pre-exam tutorials between November and January. When the booking system opens (look out for emails from CIPA about this in the next week or so) trainees will be able to log-in to the CIPA website, see which papers are being offered, where and when, and sign-up to whichever ones they’re interested in. Some tutors are also willing to run tutorials by webinar, so trainees in Bristol, Cambridge or Manchester could participate in a tutorial run by a tutor in Glasgow.

If your supervisors would like to sign-up as tutors, please ask them to email CIPA’s Membership Team ( so CIPA can set up the tutorial sessions in the system. They need to provide the following information: selected paper to tutor (i.e. pre-exam/A/B/C/D), year of paper to tutor, location of the session, date of session, are they prepared to mark papers by correspondence, are they prepared to do a webinar-based tutorial.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me.


(Hon Sec)

EQE pre-exam and Informals socials

Well done to all who sat Foundations and Advanced PEB papers last week!

All trainees sitting the pre-exam or main EQEs in February 2015 should note that the EPO has published updated Guidelines for Examination. The new Guidelines come into force on 01 November 2014 and are available here.

As mention in Issue 2 of the paper Yellow Sheet, the Informals Committee have organised various events to welcome new trainees and celebrate the end of the exams.  For the benefit of new trainees who haven’t yet joined CIPA, the events are listed here too.  We hope to see you at one of these:

  • Midlands Social – TONIGHT!!! 08 October, Canal House (Nottingham), from 6pm.  ContactSara Holland (Midlands Regional Secretary) if you’ll be going along.

  • Birmingham Social – 15 October, Pure Bar (Birmingham), from 6pm.  EmailDaniel Wolstenholme (Birmingham Regional Secretary) if you’d like more info.

  • Post Exam / Welcome Party – 16 October, CIPA Hall (London), from 6pm

Other Regional Secretaries around the UK should be organising events this Autumn too, so keep an eye out for blog updates regarding events in your area.

Yellow Sheet Editor