About the Yellow Sheet

Welcome to the Yellow Sheet, the official blog of the Informals.  The Informals is, as its name suggests, an association of the unqualified (or part-qualified) Student Members of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA). All CIPA Student Members are automatically part of the Informals. The Informals provide a UK-wide support network for trainees, organising lectures and tutorials directed towards the examinations, trips to the UKIPO and social events.

In keeping with the venerable paper and (latterly) PDF versions of the Yellow Sheet, we aim to publish information of interest to Student Members of CIPA, including social events, sporting fixtures, practical information relating to tutorials, and the time-honoured “Wacky Patent” feature.  After a three year absence, the paper versions of the Yellow Sheet were resurrected in August 2014 due to demand from older Informals members and CIPA Fellows alike, and are circulated with the CIPA Journal.

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