The following tutorials have been arranged for the 2016 Patent Examination Board exams.
In order for you to be eligible to sign up to tutorials that other people have organised, you must have organised a tutorial yourself (for example by asking one of your UK-qualified colleagues to hold a tutorial).  When you have organised a tutorial yourself and sent us the details* so that we can make it available to other people, passwords can be sent to you so that you can sign up to tutorials that other people have organised.


To take part in one of the tutorials below, click the link to the corresponding Eventbrite page.  You will be asked for a password and given the opportunity to contact the event organiser.

  • If you have already organised a tutorial and sent the details to Informals Tutorial Coordinator Sophie-Beth Aylett, please contact the event organiser (using the form on the Eventbrite page) and state which tutorial you organised.  A member of the Informals Committee will reply with the event password.
  • If you have not yet organised a tutorial, please organise one and send the details* to Sophie (SAylett@jakemp.com).  You can then contact the event organiser as described above and a member of the Committee will send you the password for the tutorial you want to take part in.
  • If you have tried to organise a tutorial but it will not be possible for you to do so, please contact the event organiser (using the form on the Eventbrite page) to explain your circumstances.


FD1 (P2)

Currently no tutorials available.

FD2 (P3)

Currently no tutorials available.

FD3 (P4)

Currently no tutorials available.

FD4 (P6)

FD4/P6 2015 (London) (in person only) (21 Sep 2016 12:30) (hand in work by 14 Sep 16:00)

This page will be updated as we receive more tutorial offers.

*Please include the following details when emailing Sophie about a tutorial you have organised:

  • Tutor’s name
  • Date and time of tutorial
  • Venue
  • Whether the tutorial is available in person, online and/or by telephone
  • Exam paper covered (e.g. ‘FD4 2015’)
  • Maximum number of tutees who can take part in the tutorial (typically 6)
  • Email address scripts for marking should be sent to (could be your address or the tutor’s address)
  • Deadline for returning scripts