Wacky Patents

If you’ve come across any weird inventions, useless ideas or just plain strange patents, let me know so we can all share in the absurdity.

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To kick us off, here’s an appropriate one for October:

Are you tired of going “trick or treating” at Halloween and having to carry all the spoils home in your arms?  Do you wish there was an easier way to transport the hoard and one which looks good with your spooky costume?  Well, look no further!  The patented “Halloween Portable Container” is just what you need!

US7594669 claims a portable container for receiving confections during Halloween, having wheels and a handle.  Although the picture below is just one particular embodiment, claim 1 covers a container that could be in the form of “a pumpkin, witch, ghost, goblin, monster, vampire and werewolf”.  So many wonderful options to choose from!

– Parminder, 12 October 2013