Useful Links

Here are some lists of resources you might find useful, whether you’re a total newbie to the patent profession or preparing to sit Finals.  If you’ve come across a book, website or course which you found particularly useful, let us know and we’ll add it here.

You may also like to read the Informals’ Handbook for Trainee Patent Attorneys, which is available to download here.  This is a fantastic guide, if we do say so ourselves!  The handbook comprises introductions to CIPA, the Informals, IPReg, PEB and EPI, and the UK and European examination systems (and the key differences between them). It also provides lists of useful resources for day-to-day work and for examination preparation. We hope this guide will help trainees make sense of the profession and the qualification process, and to understand how the Informals and CIPA can help them. We also hope that trainers will find this handbook useful.

Resources for UK Exam Preparation and day-to-day UK work:

  • Anyone taking UK Foundation or Advanced papers can find the Patent Examination Board (PEB) website here.
  • If you’re taking P2, you might like to join Doug Ealey’s P2 Study Guide group on LinkedIn, which has information on when the new version of the study guide is released and allows students to discuss past paper questions with each other.
  • The JDD Consultants run revision courses to help prepare for all UK papers – see here for more information.
  • CIPA’s Patents Training Manual
  • CIPA publications for the Advanced papers: Study Guide to the Patents Acts (Doug Ealey), How to Pass P6 (Nigel Frankland), How to Pass P3 (Iain Russell)
  • The Manual of Patent Practice

Resources for EQE Preparation and day-to-day EP and PCT work:

Salary Surveys

Whether you’re new to the profession or have just passed some exams, check out the market rate for someone at your level: